Do we need to raise concessions for every noted deviation under AS9100

James Polson


Looking for some advice and knowledge around concession use under AS9100

For every deviation from drawing found on the output, does a concession need to be sent to the customer as authorization its okay to send as is?

Eg we make 5 x outputs and they are 2mm longer than the drawing. Its 2mm longer and doesn't effect form, fit and function.

As a company do we have the authority to taking the risk that the product is okay to send, instead of asking for it to be remade....or does every deviation raised need a customer signed concession to allow us to send it without rectification?

I believe we need a concession raised each time if we arent going to trigger rework but others believe they have the scope to take on a degree of risk ?


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Depending on your customer you could cover a total quantity of product on a specific P.O etc by a single deviation/concession.

John Predmore

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You mentioned AS9100. That standard has particular language under 8.7 Control of Nonconforming Outputs:
"Dispositions of use-as-is or repair for the acceptance of nonconforming products shall only be implemented:
− after approval by an authorized representative of the organization responsible for design or by persons having delegated authority from the design organization;
− after authorization by the customer, if the nonconformity results in a departure from the contract requirements "

Conceptually, you have to cover both bases. The design authority makes the decision whether fit, form or function is affected. Many times, the customer is the design authority.

Be aware, your customer may have additional contractual restrictions, beyond what AS9100 says, on who is authorized to make Material Review Board (MRB) type decisions.
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