Do we need to Register to ISO 14000?



My company has gladly given me the challenge to find out if we are required to be registered to ISO14k per the B3 requirements. We received a fax from our registrar that it is a customer specific requirement that we are required to be registered. I am having my doubts. We have been ISO 9000 registered since 1996 and just last year we upgraded to QS-9000/TE. We do make products for the B3, we sell to their purchasers who are seperate from them but our products do not go directly on the cars. We make tooling that go into the machines that make parts for the cars. Hence our new TE upgrade. Now you see my dilemma. Management is concerned over this because of the $$ and time that would be involved to do this if we don’t need it. I personally myself would think it would help in any case. But that is my quality background talking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



Short answer...yes

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The short answer is yes, you must be third party registered if...

You provide production parts or services directly to the big three. GM will allow you to self-certify in certain conditions. The other two do not allow self-certification.

Ford by July 1st 2003
GM by December 31, 2002
DaimlerChrysler by January 1, 2003

You don't have much time!


If you are selling directly to GM, Ford or DC then you probably need to be registered to ISO 14001. You should have received a letter of some type from your B3 customer. Check with your buyer for details. If you are a tier 2 selling to tier 1 companies, you probably do not need to become certified at this time.
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