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I just received a registration certificate from PQA (Professional Quality Assessments). I am in the USA and the company who sent me their "registration certificate" is from Colorado, USA. The address on the bottom of the cert is from North Yorkshire, England.

I can't find this company on the web, nor can I find them listed as a registrar on the QSU Publishing website as a registrar. Any one heard of the ASCB(E) or Quality and Business Standards Alliance? These two "accredidation bodies" are on the certificate, but I am not familiar with them, perhaps they are in England ????

Anyway, dopes anyone know if PQA is accredited to audit in the US by ANSI RAB or not? I tried the search but it failed. I think I'll ask for a survey from this vendor unless you guys have more input!

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They're not UKAS accredited and UKAS is the accreditation authority for the UK and they're not ANAB accredited either.

How much did you pay for that thing?


I didn't pay a thing, but my new vendor is trying to send it to me as proof of their registration. I just got off the phone with the California office and they say that the ASCB(E) has accredited them as an international registrar. Boy I am getting confused. The gentleman stated that now that ISO9001:2000 is international, if you are accredited in one country, it covers the world since it is an international standard.

What the heck? Is the PQA guy in California right?


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Ask who accredits the ASCB(E) and where their accreditation guidelines come from.

I smell barnyard bagels myself.

I could use my existing corporate structure (not in anyway related to my present employer folks and yes I am incorporated), claim to be an accreditation body, start another corporation and claim to be an accredited registrar, issue certificates and nobody can do diddly about it.

Basically someone can make up some pretty papers with high sounding words and Wham-Bam-Thank You Mam.....without you ever being kissed in the process.

Colorful, blunt and horrendously true

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stop the madness

As discussed several times in the Cove, Accreditation and Certification are non regulated acitivities and, like Randy says, ANYBODY can establish an accreditation body and a certification body.

If you want the ISO perspective, check and check this paragraph
Additional confidence may be derived from the fact that some certification bodies (“registrars”) are accredited by nationally or internationally recognized accreditation bodies, who verify the certification body’s independence and competence to carry out the certification process. Many accreditation bodies have multi-lateral arrangements under the umbrella of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) to promote worldwide mutual recognitions in support of WTO (World Trade Organization) free trade principles.

For the most part, when people talk about an accredited registrar, they are referring to a registrar accredited under an IAF signatory Accreditation Body
Remeber a few years ago an agency called IAR wanted to become an accreditation body that would allow registrars to keep issuing 1994 Edition based certificates. Where are they now?
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To put mine and Sidney's responses in perspective katydid you need to understand that we both work for accredited registration/certification bodies. Though we are business competitors we share the same basic values and are highly protective of our industry as are a couple of the other regulars here in the cove that work for registration bodies as we do.

When we see or hear of organizations that may be passing on a sow's ear for a silk purse it troubles us. Each of our organizations strives to maintain the integrity of our industry. We (our employers actually) are subject to 3rd party assessment from our accreditation body and Sidney's employer like mine is subject to multiple visits because of the numerous accreditations we hold from various international bodies. We are held to a recognized and tough international standard governing our operations and service delivery.

Before I drop a dime I'd ask for specific and solid proof of accreditation from a "recognized" organization that subscribes to "recognized" standards of conduct and delivery.


Well, after much searching, I still can't find Professional Quality Assessments (PQA), the third party registrar; nor can I find either of the accredidations listed on the cert from my supplier, ASCB(E) or Quality And Business Standards Alliance on any normal registration verification sites.

Look at the "Certification Service" offered by QBSA:

I also ran into this international registry that is recommended by ASCB(E). Anyone ever used this list, or trusted it???? My supplier is listed, but I still don't recognize the source.

Just to be safe, I am having the supplier complete a vendor survey before I add them to the approved list, and I will be sending them an e-mail with some links to United States Registries to show them that they are not on the list so they can re-consider their registrar.

Thanks for the input. Just wanted to be sure I was right in questioning the vendor's credentials. The good news is that this is the first vendor registration cert out of about 150 that I have had to question. Some of us still take the time to look.

Thanks again!


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Interesting tidbits....

PQA International has recently been joined by Joanne McCulley - a registered lead auditor who will provide permanent representation in the United States, in addition to Stuart Powell's presence for six months per annum.

Joanne began auditing in 1997 when she certified as an auditor. She graduated from Ambassador University in Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Joanne's prior experience includes 18 years in program development, documentation, communication & implementation for clients in a broad spectrum of industries.

Ambassador University is closed.
Notice to all former students of Ambassador College, Ambassador University, and Imperial Schools
The academic records are now located at the Worldwide Church of God headquarters in Pasadena, California. Please make requests for academic transcripts or other related documents from the above-mentioned educational institutions using the contact information below.

Ambassador University
P.O. Box 2241
Pasadena, CA 91102

Downloaded directly from ASCB(E) website

GENERAL INFORMATION : Becoming Accredited


1 Initial enquiry.
2 Preliminary response by ASCB(E)Ltd.
3 Submission of application request together with administration fee. PLEASE NOTE. Applicants are expected to comply with the requirements of ISO 45012 and to be working towards compliance with ISO 17021 (Draft). Personnel competence will require demonstration.
4 Application process by ASCB(E) and performance of accreditation routines dependent upon assessment and certifying standards. Assessment visits will not be chargeable, but full travel and accommodation costs will be born by the applicant for which payment is required beforehand. A typical process is as follows:-
o Send ASCB(E) your Manual and procedures and blank copies of forms.
o We shall review and comment. If necessary we will require you to amend and respond before the next step.
o Demonstrate impartiality of your organization in respect of independence from 'related bodies' and that it is a single legal entity
o For the first six assessments you must advise ASCB(E) before hand that you intend to carry out an assessment.
o You send us photocopies / e-mails of all the documents related to those assessment and certification assignments demonstrating compliance with the documents that we had earlier reviewed.
o We shall issue a draft accreditation certificate. Your accreditation reference will be defined at this time. This will be subject to a satisfactory site witness of your activity.
o ASCB(E) witnesses your next assessment and certification activity.
o You conduct a further four assessments and send us copies of the paperwork.
o We witness the next convenient assessment.
During the course of the preceding actions we would have expected to conduct several face to face meetings and visits to your operating premises.

5 Issue of accreditation certificate if appropriate.
o You continue to assess and certificate but don't need to send paperwork.
o You must advise weekly on our Form 4 of all the certifications that you have conducted.
o We will monitor the level of your activity and conduct accreditation reviews to suit.
o You must inform us of all certification activity.
o Following advise from you that a certificate has been issued; ASCB(E) will send an Accreditation Certificate to your client underpinning your own certification activity.

6 Ongoing surveillance and accreditation including allocation of accreditation numbers.

(Not applicable to personnel registration systems)

Registration applies to the listing of assessed firms/suppliers by the certifying body.

1 Certifying body requests preliminary registration number from ASCB(E)Ltd. Required information by ASCB(E) is:-
o Name and phone number of client/supplier together with name of quality representative.
o Applicable standard (Typically ISO 9001)
o Applicable scope of client/supplier and SIC
o Probable date of certification.

2 Certifying body confirms payment method: either
o Certifying Body pays ASCB(E)Ltd
o Client/supplier pays ASCB(E)Ltd. If client pays then:-

2a ASCB(E)Ltd send Order Acknowledgement and invoice to assessed client/supplier confirming future accredited certification status.

3 Certifying Body confirms that assessed firm/supplier is certificated.

4 The preliminary registration number is confirmed by ASCB(E)Ltd. with the Certifying Body and client/supplier.

5 Financial processing begins: either ASCB(E)Ltd invoice certifying body at month end or, ASCB(E)Ltd progress payment from assessed firm/supplier.

N.B. Unauthorised use of the ASCB(E)Ltd logo could constitute a criminal offence and render any user liable to prosecution via Trading Standards officials.

Sidney Vianna

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Katydid said:
Just to be safe, I am having the supplier complete a vendor survey before I add them to the approved list,
Katy, no disrespect intended, but "vendor surveys" are one of my pet peeves. Can you please explain to me why you would have more confidence on a vendor, after they answer a survey?

Randy, I sense a change of tone. By providing the information, are you promoting this accreditation body as an alternative to ANAB? Or the IAF signatory ones?
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Absolutely not! I'm reaffirming what we have both said about what's going on and the simple process involved. (We know better)

I checked the "accreditation body" website and found this tidbit along with some additional diatribes about monoplies and all that. They of course make no mention of IAF and Multi-lateral agreements or the other things that we're aware of. The AB site does list "accredited" bodies and they have a program for certifying auditors as well to their specifications (whatever those are)

Katydid you need to make your own decision about the subject, but base it on good soild evidence..take me out of your decision process because I'm not what you could call totally objective on this subject.

I don't have to see a pile of krap to know it's around when I smell it.
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