Do you register NC's beyond Internal Audits?

Do you register NC's beyond internal audits?

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Craig H.

Logging NCs


I work for a fairly small company. We have software that we log all internal and external audits into, as well as customer complaints, material reviews, etc. We can use a sort to get a report of just one type, or a report of open items for all categories. This makes it easier on me by having only one database to deal with, and also allowing me to see what is still open for all of these areas.

The key, of course, for this system is having sort fields that are consistent, and being able to develop the sorts. If you would like the name of the software, email me.
Well, well...

Hi Craig,

You know... That sounds very familiar. It's just that we didn't find a product on the shelf, so we made one instead. (Microsoft Access).


Steve MacDonald


Register them all. Its evidence for demonstrating continual improvement

I use filtered Excel spreadsheets and it works well. I can customize my data to give me graphs on the fly for anything I have data on.

And while I know ISO wants us to look at CA and PA differently, an NC, observation, customer call, or whatever, are, in my mind, all equally important. The issue doesn't get resolved with any less attention from me if I call it something special.

I have 3 input documents, and 2 output documents and one of those 2 is an audit.

Doing what I can to save the Rain Forrest.



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