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Do you use IM (Instant Messaging)?

Do you use IM?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 50.0%
  • No

    Votes: 7 50.0%

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Greg B

I have Googltalk/Goggle chat set up and this allows me to instantly log off if I don't want people to keep annoying me when I'm working at home. It is a useful tool though and i can talk to family (with a headset) the same as talking over the phone. My family is approx 1,000 klms away so it is an easy way to keep in touch. I am a member of another web association and confer with people all over the world on a regular basis for FREE!

My Firewall (Kerio) and Spybot (Spyware) have not detected a worm or virus for at least 18 months so it must be pretty good.

I refuse to use Instant Messenger from Windows!!!!


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I use IM once in a while at home. It is a good way to talk to friends and family. my friends and I pretty much have a set routine where we will attempt to be online at a certain time. One quick look and you can tell if they are on. For work, a group of technical folks all use it, that way we can get a quick answer from one another if we need to. (most of the time, you get voice mail if you try to call).


I IM a little at home. I use Trillian to get to AOL & Yahoo clients. I have a few friends that live way across town & we say hi occasionally, especially if I see her in the morning before work.

I also have a friend from the Navy that moved from New Orleans to N Mexico that I keep track off online.

Also a fan of cell phone texts... Perfect for quick hello's & little things when you don't need to interupt someone w a call.



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skisseb said:
Yes, I use IM's - but NOT at work. :)
That is interesting....I don't IM outside persons from work, but it has really become a standard communication form, especially with our IT group. They actually came over and installed it on my PC so I could communicate with them quickly.


I have Gaim installed on my Linux Laptop, but I do not use it that often, maybe a couple of times/week. If I'd have answered back in 1996-97 it would be another answer since I were on IRC and ICQ 4-6 hours/day during a couple of years.
But as many before me have said, text messages on the cell phone is my way to IM today.
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