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Dan Watson

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Does anyone have an example product dock audit procedure to share. We just had a IATF 169489 audit and had a major since we did not have a procedure for product dock audit.



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You might not want to post a document with your company's name on it.

That being said, this seems more like the auditor was challenging your organization's deviation management.

Do you have a process for quarantining nonconforming product? Do you keep records of nonconformances, including a final disposition of the product (accept, reject, etc.)?

Jim Wynne

I'll second @Zero_yield's advice regarding removing/redacting identifiable information from the file you uploaded.

I'm not sure why you're looking for a dock audit procedure when the problem identified is with control of nonconforming product. Apparently the auditor found product that your company had documented as being nonconforming but prepared for shipment to a customer.

Do you have a documented process for dealing with NC material such that it's properly identified (even if suspect or without evidence of status)? If so, was the process followed? If not, why not?

Bev D

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I would add to the above excellent point that the finding as described would warrant a major.

Dan Watson

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Thanks. All good points. This company sucks at quarantining nonconforming product. Will need to strengthen our internal processes. Won't be popular with floor manufacturing supervisor or plant manager.

Dan Watson

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Suspension or revocation of your certificate would be even less popular and that situation would go way beyond the manufacturing supervisor or plant manager I'm sure.

One would think so, but I am not so sure. The plant QA manager went on vacation while we are waiting on the registrar's response. No one is back up . Very frustrating place to work.
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