Dock Audits - Isn't waiting to do an audit when the product is "supposed" to ship a little late?

Jim Wynne

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I am a little bit confused about the below terms and difference. Can someone help me streamline the definition with checklists?
shipping audit, dock audit, product audit, out of box audit
I'm not sure what you mean by "...streamline the definition with checklists," but in general a shipping audit, a dock audit and out-of-box audit are the same, with a difference (perhaps) being that in an out-of-box audit the product ready for shipment is unboxed and reviewed. A product audit, on the other hand, usually involves gathering all of the requirements for a given product and following the process flow through each step to ensure that all of the requirements are being met.


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Appreciate this kindly confirmation. I assumed they are pretty similar with very little difference and guess a checklist can help me map to find the gap. As for your comment on "product audit", I think that is mixed with "process audit" or perhaps with the new term of "line-side audit" from PSB training. I can distinguish the former 2 by VDA6.5 and VDA6.3. However, if the customer didn't request VDA criteria, it is not easy to have other substitutes, like using control plan which covers both "process" and "product" characteristics to audit, and "layer process audit" which also includes "product audit". Pardon me for my further questions, but I just don't understand why so many fancy words that makes simple things so complicated.

Jim Wynne

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A product audit is not the same as a process audit. The former concentrates on the product requirements while the latter focuses on the process requirements. Two different things. If you're unsure about what your customers might expect, it's best to ask them. They have a habit of making up their own definitions sometimes.

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