Document Control Software Needed

We are a small manufacturing and research company working on our ISO9001:2015 certification. We have about 35 employees and the budget is obviously a concern.

I would like a software to control our documents and possibly records. I see some old threads from 2013 on this, but assume the industry has come a long way since then.

Any suggestions would be very helpful!!


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There have been a number of more recent threads about software recommendations. I would suggest that you do a search here using the key words qms software - or document control software.

Is document control the only thing you are interested in?


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You may already have it at hand if you've got Office, I've got quite a few smaller clients (and a couple large ones) I audit that do just that. You gotta ask yourself, "what's the return on the investment" if you're thinking of spending a few thousand dollars for something you may not really need.


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There is also the option of a Wiki, for example: Which Wiki Software is ISO9001 Compliant (Document Control)


Interesting Topic - Using a Wiki to implement a Quality Management System (QMS)

It's relatively easy to write your own database in something like FoxPro. I just wrote a database the other night to catalogue the files on a bunch of backup drives I have. Took me about 2 hours to write. I also have had small company clients who got a local database programmer to write a database for them.

I can't personally recommend any specific off-the-shelf software because I haven't used any in a long time.

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