Document issued with incorrect Revision Number

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
The only reason I suggested going Rev. 11 is that our auditor has super powers! If there is one hard copy of the old Rev. 10 laying around the shop somewhere, he will find it. Having two documents with Rev 10 on them and not being identical, would make his eyes pop out. :D
I resemble that remark. :LOL: I don't know why I am magnetically drawn to the errant hard copy document. It does look supernatural sometimes.

First, look for all of the Rev. 11 documents and destroy them. Re-issue the ECO as Rev. 10 and re-distribute the documents as Rev. 10.

I would also support issuing yourself a CAPA for this. If the auditor does find an errant copy, you can point to the CAPA to show you have already identified the problem; but I would still wonder why not all of the old documents were retrieved. What is your process to keep track of them: where they go and who has them? Maybe the magical auditor would be doing you a favor in this case. It is only a revision number this time. At a different time the change might be more significant, yes?
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