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Document Management, Version Control & Document Storage Software



Hello all,

What software have you been using for document management and version control?

We are currently storing all our procedures, work instructions, manuals etc...offline. Employees click on a desktop icon to access the various documents. As the quality team it is our responsibility to make sure that these documents are updated frequently. But that is getting hard to manage. We are looking at the possibility of using some software for version tracebility purposes.
But one added feature that I would like to see is where lets say a process user makes a change to a document, then it is routed to the Quality Team before it a revision notice is sent to the employees.

Any ideas?


Re: Version Control & Document Storage

I would be reluctant to allow the users to make changes to controlled documents.
Like yourself we have our current revisions of documents stored on the server. This folder is read only for most employees though. I store all old revisions in another folder.

Tupham - 2008

Re: Version Control & Document Storage

You will find there has been lots of discussion on this subject. I suggest a search for "software" as a starting point.


The folder is read-only. Usually my quality coordinator will email the manager of the area the document reminding them about the annual update. But as the doucments increase in no., it is definitely getting harder to manage.

What I would like to see is the manager changing the WI when there is a change in the process without us having to constantly remind them. I was hoping that one of the many version control softwares out there would have that added feature. Where the document could have more than one user, but the revised document would not be available until the Quality dept. approved/posted it.

Does this make sense or am I making it more complicated than it needs to be?


In the interest of full disclosure I work in a senior position of a company that develops and sells one of the leading compliance software packages and document control is the most popular module in all of our products.
Having said that I won't say our company name but will make a few comments on document control system attributes in general and my opinion of the best systems out there.
1.) Logical revision control and change management features: autoarchive retention etc, change requests.
2.) Decent flexible layout possibilities and the same for review and approval process flow development. Make sure you can identify back-ups for approvers and reviewers. Make sure it is time sensitive and has escalation and reminders for overdue documents.
3) There should be a way that users see only current document revisions without seeing older or obsolete documents from the primary viewing source.
4.) Notification of new releases or the fact that you have something waiting for you to approve it should be through a tasks console or dashboard and via email notification and links.
5.) You should be able to set documents on an audit schedule so that you are notified to review them for accuracy on whatever schedule you find prudent. There should be an audit trail in the document reflecting that you did the audit.
6.) Access preferences are important. Some companies want all web access and some want client server but either should have decent printing functions with watermark capability.
7.) The ability to categorize documents and create searches and views that keep different consumers looking at no more than 50 documents to find something rather than sorting through hundreds or even thousands.
8.) Additional nice to haves is integration with a training component that permits notification and update selectively for new revisions and the ability for readers to acknowledge they have read and understood ultimately updating their training record.
These are the major features you should be able to find. I will list what I think are the best out there. I actually think we are the best but these other guys are very good as well. I also did not list my company first even though I think we are the best of the bunch.
Master Control
Documentum ( Expensive and big but good)
QSI System or Compliant Pro ( web based or client server)

I have strong feeling about this subject because I think decent documentation and change management to keep it current is the bedrock of an effective quality management system.
Some companies do wonderful homegrown systems but many times they just find the change management piece too time consuming.
Hope this wasn't out of line just toss it if it is.

Hi Mary,

Great info, I don't suppose that you could send me an email with the name of your company?

Thanks again,


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Hi Mary,

Great info, I don't suppose that you could send me an email with the name of your company?

Thanks again,
You can send Mary a Private Message (PM).
Click on Mary's (screen) name, and look for "Contact Info" or "Send xxxxx a Private Message."



Hello there,
For document management I used scan and more. It is very good and quite effective.
You can try it. Hope you would like it.
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