Document Numbering System For ISO/Quality Management Document vs. All Other Documents


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No, old bills aren't allowed to circulate forever (at least here in the US and in the UK). If it's a $20US then if it doesn't pass the pen test (counterfeit testing - which the previous ones don't) you can't use them. The serial number is a counterfeiting control, nothing to do with revision control, since you nor I can tell what we've got from that number alone. The "worth" of the bill isn't the point of discussion. It's whether you a) need to identify documents by a complex numbering system and if a revision number is needed for effective document control - to which my answer (based on 40 years of doing such systems) - is "no". I can't answer for any CB auditor of course, except to say that I've audited countless document control systems such as you espouse and commonly find they are ineffective because those "hall marks" may confuse some auditors, but they don't make effective controls.
Correct Old notes don't circulate for ever in the UK. In theory we have a revision system whereby every so many years we replace a note with a new icon on the back for example now on the new £5 polymer notes we have Winston Churchill prior to that we had Elizabeth Fry and George Stephenson (which in themselves the new polymer notes could be a revision). When the new notes are released the previous editions are recalled into banks over a period of time and cease to be legal tender. They can however be replaced by banks for the new notes at any period if you find on in an old piggy bank somewhere 10 years later.
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Interesting. Most numbering systems I see divide procedures, work instructions, etc, by DEPARTMENT.

Your doc numbering system however relates to the MACRO-PROCESSES.
Our previous document numbering system was based on code of department who create it, and code of document group, e.g. procedure, instruction, record.
To promote process approach, we've changed to code of related process and resign from document groups, just used alphanumeric consecutive numbering.


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Exactly so, Mattador! I stopped holding on to my GB money in case it was revised - especially since shops won't take old paper money and I don't want to stand in a queue at a bank!

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