Documented procedures requirements for AS9100C requirement 7.5.1 a)



Section 7.5.1 'Control of Production and Service Provision'

a) the availability of information that describes the characteristics of the product
NOTE: this information can include drawings, parts lists, materials, and process spec.

My question is would I have to document in procedures how we control raw material specs and external specs? We have a process in place but it is not documented in QMS documents.


The only time you must have a "documented procedure" is when the standars says to (eg. Control of records, control of documented etc.). I wouldn't write a new procedure if I already had a process in place. Look at the standard as questions. How would you answer an auditor if he asked "how do you control production and service provisions?" What would your answer be? I would reference the current process in place, and so long as you address the requirements in the standard, your good.
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