Documenting a Revision Change to the FAIR


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I have a questions regarding the information that should be recorded on page one of the AS9102C FAIR. Using the AS9102C FAIR procedure we completed an FAIR on a completed assembly to the revision drawings we had at the time of build. After the product was built the customer changed the revision level. Though the product was built to the drawings we had at the time and the customer documented a deviation to use the product built under the previous revision, should I modify page one of the original FAIR to show the newer revision though the product was inspected to the previous revision, drawings were ballooned, etc.? I would think that the deviation the customer created would explain why the product was inspected to the previous revision which is recorded on page one and reflect the part number, revision level on the drawing used to inspect the product?


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It sounds to me as if the FAIR done originally is still valid, and that the Deviation has you covered for sending the part to the customer.

A Delta FAIR will be required for the first build to the new revision, otherwise, I say you are done.

What does the customer want?
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