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Documenting hardware on Form 2 of AS9102

I have a question regarding the interpretation of filling out AS9102 forms when it pertains to hardware such as NAS1097AD4-3. Is the hardware required to be on Form 1 if it is an assembly, since that is a Conditionally Required item on Form 1? Our company puts it on Form 2, which is also conditionally required. I am needing to know if the intent of AS9102 is to document it on Form 1 only and not Form 2, or is documenting it either place acceptable
So what if the part has a drawing part number, and it leads you to 2 more drawings before you get to a vendor controlled drawing. How would you handle that? I am assuming you would have to write a first article for each place the drawing takes you until you get to the vendor controlled drawing. thanks for the help!
Maybe this will help explain it.

If I am making a wire harness assembly 1080000-101 and the detail of that part is 1080800-13(a purchased part) has a comment to make per table II on the drawing. I find the 1080800-13 part on table II and that table tells me to make from 1080540-001. I go to that drawing and it is a vendor control drawing that tells me the part number to order is E6A6824 a specific part from a specific manufacturer.

My question is since the 1080800-13 is a detail part within the assembly and a purchased part, would list it on Form 1 and put the PO number in the block 18 for traceability? Do I need to put the part E6A6824 on form 2, or is it acceptable just to put the 1080800-13 on form 1 and do nothing to tie it back to the E6A6824 which is what the 1080800-13 really is, they made a drawing number for a COTS item basically
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