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In the company I am currently working, I have one set of SOP which is only available in our local language. Now I am working on the translation of the SOP into English.

What would be the revision and issue number for the English version? No other changes are made on the content except change the language.

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Re: Document revision and issue number

I agree with Jan. As long as the content and meaning isn't changing (hopefully, nothing changes drastically in translation), there's no reason to complicate things by having different revision numbers for essentially the same document. .



i want to ask about document number and revision also.

How about my company change the name and company logo. So I have to change all procedures also.

Do I need to change the document number. the document number have a short form of the old company name.

E.g: Old company name : ABC, Doc No: ABC-QP-10
New company name : DEF, can i use the same Doc No? ABC-QP-10.

Thank you!


document NO was defined in the ISO9001 clause 4.2 or other place , it base on how you defined the document NO. i guss ABC which should be explain to company name . if like this , you have to change it .

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Again, avoid numbering management system documents after any clauses in the management system standard.

Doing this suggests to the employees that the management system exists only to get through audits to get and keep a certificate.

Of course, the management system should exist to help employees to fulfill their employer's mission more effectively and more efficiently.

So, identify your documents for the convenience of your company and its users.

Maintain a single page conformity matrix as necessary act as a memory jogger and to guide an external auditor. BTW, this is the only document maintained especially for the auditor.


Chinese Michale

There have no define how to number the document in ISO9001, but you have to define how to number the document by yourself, include company name, the code of each department, etc. If you define it in your document, you have to follow the rule.
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