DOE Error- p value, F value, pareto chart

Hi everyone.

I did a DOE with 2 factors, 2 levels, only one response, with 2 replicates. For every experiment with the (-) level I had the response 2 and (+) level the response 4, even in the replicates, for the A factor.

When analyze, I don't have the p- value and the f-value, and there is a note:

* NOTE * The critical value line is not displayed on the pareto chart of effects because the
standard error for effects is 0.

What am I doing wrong?


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The problem driving this error is that there is no variation in the results for each replicate. The most likely cause is that your measurement system does not have enough resolution to see that variation. Can you either measure out to an additional decimal place or use a better measurement instrument.

However, from a practical perspective, is the difference between 2 and 4 of obvious significance compared to your normal process variation? Sometimes differences are so obvious that statistics are unnecessary.
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