Does anyone copyright their internal QMS documents?


A company that I just started consulting with uses a copyright statement on all of their internal QMS documents (Copyright 2022, XYZ Corp). I've never seen this done with any company I have worked at - usually it's some sort of a 'proprietary and confidential' statement. Just curious if anyone else has seen this being done.


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Yes, we do it. It's built into the footer of our document templates (not just QMS documents but many others too)


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I've seen this while doing supplier audits. Some suppliers think it's necessary or maybe they prefer it or maybe it's built into the document management system they use.

Bev D

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Unfortunately, we see this type of thing often...The copy paste mentality is rampant. It's easy and cheap. Especially if the organization is not really interested in quality only in 'certification'. In some cases it may also be that the company is as ignorant of the legal difference between 'copyright' and 'proprietary' as they are about quality...:confused:

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I've seen it a few times on documentation; the one that springs to mind was quite a few years ago when I was creating our company H&S manual. Not really knowing how to start, I went on the 'net to look for examples and found a few. The one that I eventually used as a model was from a large corporation, and I used their format to create my own.
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