Does anyone has a good Employee Performance evaluation form?



Performance evaluation

Does anyone has a better "Employee performance evaluation form"? The company i work with has one but it is narrowed down to only few qualities and I want to redo it but I need some feedback from you guys to make it better or the best. Can you please email your responses to me at [email protected]

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
I am sure there are better and worse forms. But how would one know which is which?

I would discourage the practice of annual performance reviews as they traditionally exist. A search of the Cove on this topic should take the reader to past conversations on this topic.

The problem is simple: annual performance appraisals do not take in account the intricasies of a System. The System accounts for 94% of the problems. Traditionally, folks are held accountable for these problems, which are not theirs to bear.

Is anyone pleased to be judged in this manner? Ask people in your organizations. You will find an overwhelming number of them do not want the Performance Appraisal.



Jim Biz

Well stated Kevin:
As Demming related - how should someone or anyone be judged (EVALUATED) when no standard base of criteria can be applied... A production manager should and can not be judged with the same or equal criteria as a shipping manager. The duties and responsibilities are so non-related that no equal footing can be determined or accessed.
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