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Does anyone have a copy of a generic Safety Manual?


Mike Smith

Does anyone have a copy of a generic safety manual? I am not looking for something that quotes CFR`s or OSHA standards. I would like to see something written in laymans terms that is easy for all personnel to understand.

If no safety manual, how do other companies let their team members know about all safety requirements?


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For a few months I did double duty as the Safety guy for a previous company. I went to the applicable gov websites and pulled down the regulations. is the correct website I believe.

The Feds have OSHA, but if the state you are in is at least as tough, then the Feds will let the state do the job. CalOSHA is a prime example of that. I do not know about PA.

That would be a good starting point, but perhaps not the best one. It has the benefit of knowing all the requirements you may have to meet......the down side is there may be things that you need to meet that you do not currently know about. The research will tell you that.

Then write your own manual. Use the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) rule, put in digital pics if possible. You will have to train everyone on the manual and keep records of the training. You will have to train everyone on RTK (Right To Know) information. RTK includes items like MSDS, which you must have and make available to all employees for any chemical.......from white-out to soap to floor cleaner to production chemicals. If you have a wood shop you must have the MSDS for the lumber and yes, wood does have MSDS.

Make sure HR is involved, they are a valuable resource in this kind of effort.

You will have to keep records of any and all injuries because that goes on the Form 100. I recommend installing an easy-to-use system where employees can let you know about unsafe conditions. You would then also need a follow-up, enforcement, and escalation capability built in. At the employer I mentioned, I installed the enforcement/escalation part. I actually shut down one entire process (quenching of hot freshly turned metal) for several days until the issue was solved.

Hope this helps.



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I've just been assigned to our internal team for implementing a EH&S program did anyone ever post a sample of a generic safety manual?

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