Does anyone have a copy of the AS9102 Rev C Standard???


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Good morning,

My company is ISO 13485 certified but is looking to adopt the AS9102 for our first articles. I was wondering if anyone has a copy they can share of Rev C? I have AS9102 Rev B from my previous life but do not have the current standard revision and I am wanting to review and bring it forward to my company's president to see if this is where we want to go.
Thanks in adavance!

Sidney Vianna

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You just violated one of the Cove’s policies by asking for a pirate copy of a standard protected by copyright. Do not do it a second time.


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I used a combination of Rev C forms found on Lockheed Martin RMS Supplier FAI guidelines website, and a summary of changes from Rev B to Rev C on the IAQG page to get me going before I received a copy of the standard.
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