Does anyone have any advice for a TE supplier in regards to TS16949?



Does anyone have any advice for a TE supplier in regards to TS16949. we supply tooling to the big 3 and are currently QS and TE certified. I have read that there are no plans for a tooling supplement for 16949. :frust:



I was waiting for others to jump in, but either they don't know, or are too busy. In my case, I don't know. But here is what I hear.

There are no plans, at this point to develop a TE supplement to TS. Because TS is strongly pointed to production parts, TE suppliers will not be eligible for TS registration. QS/TE will expire in 2006 (or earlier?).

So, what is a TE supplier to do? If you have customers that require ISO, the best guess at this point it to look at ISO 9001:2000. It is possible for an organization to meet the requirements of QS/TE and 9K2K (in case you are wondering about what will happen to your ISO customers next year. If your non-automotive customers (provided you have any) do not require ISO, then you might be able to hold on to your TE until the issue is resolved.

In either case, monitor the Cove. When official word gets out, I bet it will hit here early!


In the December Quality Progress magazine, in the QP Mailbag section (page 8) there is a comment that there WILL BE a T&E supplement for TS. It does not give any indication where this info comes from. I have not seen anything official yet.

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