Does anyone have any ideas/samples of non-conformance reports?



Non-conformance reports

Does anyone have any ideas/samples of non-conformance reports.

Or and software that we will be able to use in our company?.

Thanks in advance

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Regarding Non Conformance Records in Internal Audits conduted in a periodical basis (Say in three months time), We face certain problems. One tracking of Non Conformance, usally NC are being refered only in internal Audit time. Is there any body who can suggest a better tracking system for NC? Second problem is regarding closing of NC. When should it be considered as closed?and who has the authority to close NC is that internal auditor who has raised the NC or the next time Internal auditor at the time of audit. In most of the cases this Internal Auditor will be different from the Internal auditor who has audited that perticular Dept. or section and raised Non Conformitiy. One more problem that in Environment it is not only in the Audit time but also during any normal working time or even in night, if there is any deviation from good environment practice, one observer has full right to raise NC. that is the practice we follow and feel that is right practice. BUT My PROBLEM is who and How this NC shall be closed?



Hello I am new at this but maybe this will help. We close our NCR's (corrective action requests) through our Management Review Meetings. When a CAR is generated a plan must be implemented within 30 days. The assignee's to the CAR come up with a plan of action and report the information during our bi-weekly ISO meetings, which are used for training and also touch on Preventive Action. When the CAR has been resolved according to the plan, it is suggested that it be closed during the next Management Review Meeting and that a follow up Internal Audit will be done. All of that is written in the comment section of our CAR form. Follow up audits are important to show that the implementation of the Corrective Action was effective. I know this now because I just went through our recertification audit and now I get to answer to a NCR on that very subject:eek: Hope that helps.


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SAMPLE Nonconforming Material Report


Here is a SAMPLE Nonconforming Material Report. It has been used by Material Review Boards to document Party Responsible for the Nonconformance and to determine if Corrective Action is going to be required. There is a Journal portion for the MRB to document investigations, actions, and instructions. There is a Purchasing portion for those supplier related activities, and there is a Sign-off by the applicable parties at the bottom. This particular NMR does not have AQL information in header portion, but you could modify accordingly.


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