Does anyone have experience implementing a Tiered QMS?



Does anyone have experience implementing a tiered QMS?

We are a small company, but have a broad customer base (prototype, commercial, to aerospace). We are ISO9001 certified, but some of our aerospace customers are asking for AS9100. From a business perspective, it may not make sense to apply all of the additional requirements to our commercial prototype level products.

Other than making two separate business units, is there a way we could specify that a project is AS or ISO at its inception and then work to that standard as applicable? Would the company as a whole still be able to be considered AS9100 certified?

I see some cons to this, mostly in maintaining multiple rules and having confusion/inconsistency for people performing work.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!


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I haven't seen a good way to do that yet. At a previous company we had to move engineering to our parent corp. just to keep the D&D stuff from impacting our QMS.


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I've seen this done with different scopes for AS9100 and ISO 9001. There was a composites manufacturing company that I worked with years ago as a consultant. They manufactured products for aerospace applications and for commercial/sporting applications. They had different scopes for different industries.

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Thank you - I will check out the related posts and see if I have more questions.
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