Does CE Marking include compliance to WEEE and packaging waste?


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Does CE marking include compliance to WEEE and packaging waste? could you please provide the EU official which states what needs to be included?

Currently we have the MDD, RoHS, EMC , like to clarify whether the CE mark includes the WEEE, REACH Packaging waste directive?

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WEEE and REACH are not CE marking directives/regulations, therefore a CE mark does not indicate you comply and the regulations you list do not replace them

You must still comply with the WEEE and REACH directives and regulations, they can be found here:


Thanks Pkost, I am aware that those Directive for REACh and WEEE needs to be met. What I am after is the Official EU text which states what are the directive under CE.

I found this under product group in Manufacturing under CE Marking , does this mean only these directives are under CE?

Manufacturers - European Commission

The reason I am asking this question is to include a paragragh in IFU under CE heading and wanted to know what are those directive that needs to be complied to?


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I believe that list is complete.

It is of course your decision as to what goes in your IFU, however I'm not sure I see a benefit of describing CE as it is irrelevant to most people beyond seeing it there.

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I think that there's no legislative text that lists the specific directives and regulations that provide for CE marking. The legal text is in each of those directives and regulations, unfortunately. The closest I know to an official document listing them is the Blue Guide.
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