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Does Class 1 Medical Device need to be certified to MDSAP?

Class 1 medical devices in Canada do not require MDSAP. Canada is the only jurisdiction that makes it mandatory to obtain MDSAP.


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Manufacturers of MD class I don´t need MDSAP certificate. MDSAP certificate is requested during licensing proces with Health Canada, but class I is exempt from licensing.

if you are not from Canada be aware, that classification is different from other countries and you need to meet technical standards recognized by Health Canada.


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Hi, just a word of caution. If you sell your device to any other MDSAP jurisdictions, other than Canada, you have to fulfill those country specific requirements. Your Class 1 device in Canada may be entirely different class in other jurisdiction.

Currently participating jurisdictions in MDSAP:
Australia- TGA
Brazil - ANVISA
Canada - Health Canda
Japan - MHLW
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