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Does EMC Directive 2014/30/EU cease to apply when the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC is applicable?

2014/30/EU seems to apply at the component level, but once an EMC component is used as part of a machine, does the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC exclusively apply?

This is regarding non-medical product



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The EMC Directive generally applies to most things under the Machinery Directive - there's no exemption in the MD.
Some equipment may be "fixed installation" under the EMCD and not need CE marking, but it is not exempt.


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I'm a bit confused over this. First of all a fixed installation is as follows:

Does this apply to a machine which is actually bolted onto the floor or does it apply to every machine regardless of whether it could me moved around within the factory?

The Pilz CMSE notes say the below. So the key here is deciding what is a fixed installation and what is not? Could anyone clarify what is and what is not a fixed installation when it comes to machinery?


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EMC Directive Annex I states that A fixed installation shall be installed applying good engineering practices and respecting the information on the intended use of its components, with a view to meeting the essential requirements set out in point 1.

Further information on how to do this is in The Guide to the EMC Directive , DocsRoom - European Commission

Note: nothing in the EMC Directive requires testing but assessment is required for both apparatus (equipment) and fixed installations
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