Does ISO 9001:2000 require Internal Auditors to take a Lead Auditors course?

Stuart Andrews

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Hi folks,
I've never been on a Lead Auditors course, I only had a 2 day internal auditing training course about 4 years ago and I've been doing internal audits ever since (about 10 a year).

For ISO 9001:2000 am I required to have taken a Lead Auditors course and if so why?


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I say no too with exceptions.

If you're going to be managing the Internal Audit process there may be some benefit with taking a Lead Auditor course. But quite honestly you can get what you need to know about managing IA's from reading and using ISO 19011.

Lead Auditor courses are specifically geared for those folks that are going to do 3rd party stuff and registration work. Much of the material is useless for IA type folks. And LA courses are not cheap. I know...I teach them.