Does money motivate? The topic of Motivation came up in a discussion


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Money is one motivator of many

Ron Rompen said:
... I concede that money is still a motivator.

However, it's definitely NOT the prime motivator any more...if it was, I would have quit the Quality field years ago....or I would have left my present employer for another company years ago
Same here... Money is a motivator - 'A' motivator. One of many. And one of many factors.

In my case, I readily admit that had Google's AdSense not far exceeded my expectations, this forum and site would probably not be here today. As is evident in old threads here, we had 'fun' but I didn't make much off of it considering all the time, hassles (including personality conflicts) and a negative $ flow to make it worth it. I enjoy the site and all that, but when I was paying for a large part of it out of my pocket (net loss) it made me think a lot...

But let's look at another facit - I have 'quit' a number of big companies over 'details'. In implementations, it would be a company (and there were several) who expected me to work miracles (such as 'making' employees do what they had to do). In these cases, to me it was a reputation issue. They wouldn't listen to me, I wouldn't lie and say everything is proceeding nicely and then at the registration audit - BOOOooommmmm.. You lose. And you'll blame me - The Consultant. You hired me as a project manager and I will NOT take the blame for your failure to follow my 'advice'. So - I quit. Only 1 company took me up on that. Other than financially I've never regretted my decisions to confront top management.

Another aspect - That of a Contractor. I have left a couple of jobs where, although the money was excellent, the 'conditions' (each company is different) were not acceptable. At one company I was in meetings where the manufacturing manager used profanity regularly, even with the gals present (yes, including the 'F'rog word). I finally up and quit. I literally said, in the meeting, "That's it. I don't have to listen to this type of talk.", got up, collected my things and walked out of the meeting. I immediately gave notice. The expletive laced diatribes and verbal abuse was such that to me it would take a heck of a lot more in pay for me to continue to sit through the meetings. To top it off, I knew the company was outright, knowingly lying to the customers I was 'dedicated' to about a number of 'things'. I reached the point where on many levels I wasn't 'being paid enough' to go through that stuff. I felt 'sorry' for those who had little choice than to endure this fellow's obscene diatribes and his focus on pointing out someone and proceeding to verbally destroy the person.

So I guess this brings up an interesting point....

At what point, money wise, is a person (YOU) willing to 'sell out'?

What ethics do you have and what part do they play? At what point will you 'over ride' your personal 'ethics'?
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Gee, I can only offer my point of view.....

Organizational behavior classes teach that money is a short term motivation tool....nothing more in that sense.

I disagree.....of course I admit to being greedy and wanting "things" and a comfortable life.

Whether money is "A" motivator, the prime motivator, or not at all is an individual call......but for me, I am much more likely to be highly motivated with a really good salary than a bad one.

I will also admit to moving on for other reasons too, as Marc mentioned......



Hi Everyone :bigwave:
Does money motivate?
The truth, everyone likes money, will money motivate, I will have to say short term yes, however to use money as a motivation is wrong. Or could send out the wrong message. I believe a ( bonus) money as a reward for a job well done is better. Eventhough I also believe money as a reward can back fire.
Giving praise or recognition , giving credit to the one who is entitled to the credit is a good motivation tool. A gift or a bonus as you might say is a good motivation, however it depends on how the reciever of this motivation re acts and act there after is the factor one should look at.

I guess it depends on the motivation you are looking at as well.


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Hershal said:
....Whether money is "A" motivator...l
In my response, by "A", I meant one of many (just happened to be first in the list) as opposed to the 'primary' or 'main' motivator... Not the primary motivator.


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Depending on your particular social standing.
Social standing may be defined as economical circumstances.

Money is the prime motivator for many and, has been for me while rearing and continually supporting my wife and two sons.
Things like Mortgage, education, material gains (Good and not so good) social life and family holiday's, needs that cursed thing called Mamon.
You bet it's a motivator and, being born and reared in the so called first world, it's essential for survival. Anyone who says otherwise, needs to take a look at their core values.


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Marc said:
In my response, by "A", I meant one of many (just happened to be first in the list) as opposed to the 'primary' or 'main' motivator... Not the primary motivator.

I apologize if I misrepresented the interpretation.....I understood what you meant Marc, though I likely could have phrased my post a bit better.


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One potential issue here is the utility of money. Also, the heirarchy of motivators. If you are in poverty, barely able to keep you and your family fed, clothed and sheltered, money can be a considerable motivator. However, if you are making a comfortable salary, the additional money is not so much a motivator. At some point, the value (utility) of additional money tapers off, and other issues like time with family, quality of life, self-actualization take over.

Bill Pflanz

I don't believe that Mark's anecdotal stories are unique to being a contractor. The Cove gets regular requests for advice from quality professionals (normally younger individuals) who face similiar ethics or workplace issues.

Whether Mark always had good ethics so he recognized bad when he saw it or learned ethics as he saw the consequences of those bad activities, he eventually decided what line he would not cross. It is a personal decision that can have an impact on your ethics, family and even legal liabilities. How you recognize and handle the issues is a life long process. Which path you go down determines how you live your life.

I remember a phrase my high school geometry teacher always used: Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. When you see you can't win, it is probably better to get out fast so your values aren't compromised. If you continue to stay, you will eventually have to sell out which could lead to dire consequences.

Bill Pflanz

Kevin H

Money can be a motivator, but knowledge of other's compesation can equally be a demotivator. I can remember being the heat treat metallurgist for a steel mill with all the responsibility for assuring correct times and temperatures were being used, and resenting that the hourly work force running the furnaces were making significantly more than I did before their overtime was calulated into their compensation. I did not resent the janitor in another section of the mill who reportedly made about 3 times what I did - he took every double and worked every holiday he could, basically living in the plant. Sometihing I wasn't willing to do.

More recently, a saleman's compensation range was posted because he was a foreign national and his job had to be advertised to comply with US laws. The posting was a tremendous demotivator for many because they perceived him as an incompetent who was being paid more than they were, while they ended up "cleaning up" the problems he generated with customers.

I haven't been to the point where I felt I could walk out of a meeting or leave a company due to overall environmental factors as described by Marc, but I've been in the position of evaluating them negatively enough that compensation wasn't enough of a carrot to commit to long term employment with them.


money is important for a job, you should earn it because it is your paying out! of course , high salary means good ability !no one will pay you much if you are lack of skill!
but money is not just the only motivation, post, respect, praise... these can also motivate someone!
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