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Does Solidworks (2D/3D drafting modules) need validation?

Hello all,

As of today we are informed that aside from simulation modules of Solidworks such as 2D/3D drafting modules are needed to undergo validation procedures.
Can anyone help me understand what do I need to validate specifically? Especially do I need to perfom validation or verification?

Also do we really need to validate/verify these modules? This question stems from the research I did about Solidworks related validations on internet and the resulting attached file for validation of Solidworks Simulation modules. If the simulation module is validated can I also assume that the 2D/3D drafting modules used as the basis for the simulation is also validated in proxy.

I am hoping that ideas and further discussions on the subject will prove helpful to us.

P.S. Not a native English speaker so please do forgive grammar/logic errors as I am currently trying to translate my thoughts.
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