Does your Quality Dept Control Procedures Outside the Scope of ISO 9001?



Our QA department controls all our of our QMS procedures and forms, but we also control some procedure outside of the ISO 9001 scope such as SOX/Finance procedures, trade compliance procedures, and now possibly additional human resources procedures beyond Training and Job Descriptions.

Yet we also have some departments that control their own procedures, like our IT department.

Curious how other firms handle documentation.


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That's a VERY big " it depends ".

Resources first determines how much you CAN oversee, then regulatory determines where you are required to go.

I've worked in outfits where it was sufficiently well organized that I only did the requirements, and others that it was such a circus that I got my arms around as much as possible.

Priorities dictate as well - the loosest cannons may need the most ropes, or you may want to let them roll overboard of their own will.


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I have see it done many ways. It's totally company dependent.

I have also seen companies completely change their document control method, notably Delphi in the late 1990's, if I remember correctly, went from centralized document control to departmental document control and totally eliminated their document control group.

This is often something that comes up in large multi-nationals which have corporate procedures which define certain aspects of how individual sites do *some* things, but leave other things to the individual sites to decide.

Document control can be done in many ways. What ever works for your company is OK as long as all appropriate documents (and records, for that matter) are controlled in accordance with some type of documented document control procedure. Centralized, localized (distributed), or a mix - It doesn't matter as long as it works.

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We handle the Conflict Minerals stuff. But Accounting/Finance handles the Wolfbane/Oxhead stuff. We control HR training form control, but that manager controls all records. Safety takes care of our product SDS's, though I had to be the one to do the last big revision to the 16-point format. Currently, IT lets each department working in the ERP or order system write up the work instructions, and then they keep up with revisions to these, since they "own" that environment.


We let each department control their own documents and records. As Quality Manager, I simply offer them guidance or interpretation when needed. Beyond that, all ownership and responsibilities are localized with those who know them best.

In the past, I have also worked for a large aerospace concern where there was an entire department of people who did nothing but document control. That worked, too.

Whatever works best for your company is fine, regardless of what others are doing.
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