Doing an MSA on a Climatic Chamber



Goodmorning everyone,:bigwave:

I would need advice or clarification.
I've been studying MSA on climatic chamber with which valid / qualifying devices.
All climatic chamber are already checked periodically with check cards and calibrated every several years - where an extensive measurement uncertainty is declared.
Are any of you already doing such a study? Can you give me a straight? Can I only consider R & R? Involved operators = 2, so how do you do it?

thank you :)
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Re: MSA climatic chamber ??

Consider all of the components of an MSA:
  1. Bias (accuracy)
  2. Linearity (accuracy across the range)
  3. Stability (accuracy over time)
  4. R&R (precision)

A good calibration system should address items 1 & 2. An excellent calibration system might add item 3. Depending on your specific calibrations system, you should perform an R&R study and possibly a stability study.


Re: MSA climatic chamber ??

Thank you for the reply.

Can you show me a practical example?

For example: I have a climatic chamber with working range of -85.0 - 180 ° C / 10 - 95% RH

How can i go ahead for the MSA study ???


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Re: MSA climatic chamber ??

What type of testing do you perform in this chamber? The chamber by itself is not a measurement system. The chamber PLUS a measurement device = a measurement system.
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