Donating sterilizing gel - Is it legal in Europe?

Hi everyone, I´m not sure on which topic should I ask this question... (it´s the first time I post over here, even if I find this forum very interesting).
I work for a company in Spain that manufactures medical devices class I. Given the COVID-19 situation, we thought about giving a "gift" to our employees and clients, a small sanitizer bottle (hydroalcoholic gel with virucidal activity).
My question is, would this be legal? Should I have any licence for biocidal substances if I don´t get paid for it? In the transportation requirements, do I have to take any precautions given the composition is flammable?
Thank you all and be safe!
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It's possible someone here can answer your question, if they are involved with both medical devices and pharmaceuticals, but not that likely.

If someone in your company is a member of TOPRA, it must have a forum for members. RAPS does also.

Otherwise, if you have an account on LinkedIn, you can search for "Regulatory" and then click on "People." Then filter the results by location (Spain) and by industry (pharmaceuticals). Then you can send an invitation to Connect to the people who are listed. There is an option to include a note with the invitation. I think the note has to be pretty brief, but if you let them know you have a COVID-19 drug RA question, someone should be kind enough to respond. I would start by sending invitations to three different people, and see what that gets you.
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