Doubt on multiple inspection carrying out for same balloon number during Stage Inspection and Final Inspection?

Working in Additive Manufacturing as a Quality Engineer for an Aerospace and Defence.

I have a doubt on inspection repetition?

Operation 40 in Milling stage 2, I have a final finish diameter of 5 mm and i inspected this in stage inspection and cleared the components.

But Operation 90 Final Inspection i am doing all the characteristics of drawing along with above 5mm diameter, Is it really needed to remeasure all the characterstics in final inspection even after its measured and passed during stage or should i reference the stage inspection report number to avoid time consumption?

I really needed an answer to this question?

Thanks in advance for everyone.


Mike S.

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If the first inspection was done properly - i.e. by a qualified person using a calibrated measuring device, and there is no way the hole could be damaged/changed during the rest of the process, I would not repeat the measurement later.

Bev D

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It is going to depend on what your Customer requirement is, what the standard says and what sample sizes / sampling frequency is used at the first inspection. Aerospace and defense can be very strict regarding in-process and final inspection.

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