DPM (Defect parts per million opportunity) vs. PPM


si kang


In any sense, you think that it's is simple and easy question.
What's the difference between dpm and ppm?
there is no diffeence?
If any difference, could you explain the difference to me?
If possible, could you please specify the usage of them?
Most people including me recognize it to be same thing and that's the point.
Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards.
SI Kang from korea.

barb butrym

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I am familiar with DPMO...defects parts per million opportunity.....are they perhaps shoot offs of that?...acronyms can make you crazy...

my guess.....dpm is defects per million? and ppm is parts per milliom. ppm has been around a forever in electronics (math) and refers to delta as in value changes per million over time or temperature. Maybe dpm is defects per million allowed over a parameter.....don't know, just trying to be logical.

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si kang

Unfortuantely, I didn't receive any response as to PPM vs DPM.
Your response will be highly appreciated.
SI Kang.

Don Winton

DPM is defects per million. PPM is parts per million, as barb correctly states. While some in industry use these terms interchangeably, it is perhaps incorrect to do so. As barb stated, PPM is used in many other cases as well. One of the most popular is in the measure of contaminants. For example, the impurity level of bottled gases is stated in PPM. If PPM is used to describe defects per million, its use must be clear in the context of the message. With DPM, there is no such reason for clarity. Its use is clear.


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