Dr. Deming Saved my Job! Webex for American Society for Quality

Steve Prevette

Deming Disciple
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I will be giving a presentation for the American Society for Quality Section 614 in Washington State via Webex on October 19. Phil Monroe, my mentor, will be a presenter also. Phil, and his partner Bill Cooper, worked with and knew Dr. Deming in the 1980's. They ended up influencing my career change from Maintenance Supervisor to Performance Measures and Statistical Analysis.

The theme is where the initial reaction to an event by management was "Who's going to be Fired", but careful review and analysis of the performance data gave a completely different picture and corrective action for the problem.

Please see this link for information: program2210-1.pdf (asq614.org) . There is no cost, and you do not need to be a member of ASQ to listen in. This will be the first post-COVID event for the section, which I still consider to be my home section. The Workplace Excellence Forum (TWEF) is also sponsoring this event. There was a "storytime" announced by them a few months ago on the Cove which I did participate in. This is a continuation of those "workplace stories".
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