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Need some help if anyone can help me out in a question i got sent to me

A German cuatomer has requested drawings in 3 different status

They have asked for "B" status, and as i can see is the prototype phase
They will conduct performance test and some small vehicle test on them

after that it is "C" status and that is the pre serial drawing

and after that all is sett and done they enter the last stage and that is "D" status

Please correct me if im wrong


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If those definitions are important to your client, then check your contract. It's likely they are there.

If the contract doesn't have them, then ask your customer.

Going by an assumption or by what someone might suggest in a forum is too risky. In my industry, construction, the status letters often stand for a qualification of the client's approval. A means approved without comments. B means approved with comments, proceed. C means change and resubmit. Etc. So it's not something that has standard usage. But even if it did, if the client wasn't specific in a request, I'd ask.


I'd suggest checking with the VDA book 'Maturity level assurance for new parts'.
If your customer has detailed the drawing stages in their documentation (RFQ or technical specs) then it's a customer-specific requirement and you may use that as justification, however, I'd side with the previous poster and double-check in the standard.
Sorry this is not very descriptive, better safe than sorry with VDA customers.
good luck
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