Dream Log - Occasionally I have some interesting Dreams


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I learned recently that failure to remember your dreams is actually a sign that you are getting good (effective) sleep. When you do remember your dreams, it means that you are on the borderline between sleep and wakening, which is less effective. <snip>
I can believe it. For years I never remembered dreaming. I do notice it these days now and again, and it is usually after a "nap". I definitely don't sleep as well these days as I did years ago.
An excerpt from a set of notes I'm collecting for a murder mystery detective novel, should I ever mature enough as a writer to complete it. If you have tales of QA associated treachery, please feel free to share them via PM.

This day started with me waking from a dream that I was spy George Washington on a mission in Europe, stunned and captured by incomplete robot George Washington. When the stunner wore off, I found that he’d taken my beard and switched it for his false one, and also added an artificial leg to me to compensate for his incomplete build. I slipped my bonds and we fought, trading blows with a balance that came from both of us knowing the same moves and having the same reach. I was trying a surprise move when the pain from sleeping on my shoulder for too long woke me, and my first conscious thought was “Damn, now I’ll never know how that fight ended”.


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The last time I had a truly good dream was about 27 years ago. I was transported from the pine woods at my parents' place and found myself in a fantasy world. I have a 3-400 handwritten page book on it, and back in 2015 I got a short story based in that world published :read:. Now I mostly dream about failing at work, my wife leaving me and my cats passing on... when I can actually sleep, anyway.
As always I came to the cove and have learned something new. People dream in black and white? I didn’t know that! My husband who I have known for 20 plus year is one of those people! Thanks for helping me discover something new about my love.

Now that I know this information i must know.....What makes a person dream in color vs black and white???
Most recently, I went from shop to shop in an outdoor mall, discreetly inquiring after anyone who might be interested in buying stolen German bank bonds – my client had been kidnapped in this area engaging in a similar enterprise and I was hoping to locate the client or the kidnappers in this manner. I stopped at a shop offering of free sandwich ingredients, and was just picking up a couple of small samples of meat when someone attacked me from behind. My shouting and struggles to turn around woke me, and I needed to pee. Now I’ll never know what that sandwich would taste like.

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