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As one who has been in this field way too long, I have worked where there was a strict dress code-with "summer attire" rules and other places where a "t" shirt and jeans and sneakers were acceptable. My question is this: Do you think dressing "up" makes anybody work better? Is it for your performance or does it allow you to get more respect from your subordinates? I'm sure that there are a lot of "tie" wearers in the Cove. Besides being considered normal attire for office workers, I'm curious about the motive. Any knowledge out there regarding the origin or intent? Incidentally, we have a relaxed dress code here, but when visitors show up, you have "sport casual" as a minimum. And, why's that? Is it all perception? Of what? Does it help the Quality of the product? :confused: :smokin:


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The tie thing is a carry-over of the neckerchief (spelling may be off). The neckerchief originated in France during the late middle ages and was used as a repository for perfumes to disguise the smell and to keep the smell away of unwashed bodies.

Mid-19th century Europe adapted the tie as a re-finement and it was established (especially in Victorian England)to be un-businesslike and low class not to wear one. America followed suit (no pun intended).

In the late 60's remember, a tie identified one as being part of the "establishment" so business casual evolved.

The wearing of a tie today is strictly (as far as I'm concerned)a matter of perception. "If its gotta a tie on, it must be a professional under it". Also ties have become a symbol of power, position and status in many organizations as well as to the public in general. "If he wears a tie to work he has to be important".

It kind of follows along the lines of a marketing strategy. "Put the product in a fancy wrapper, regardless of its contents, and some fool will buy it".:bigwave:


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From the viewpoint of a long-time plant person who only recently got an official office in the office....

Super dressy offices seem to put up perceived barriers between departments.
Casual but professional seem to pull the barriers down, aid in allowing interaction between the "us and them"
Super casual starts to lose professionalism and respect.

Me, the closest I've been to a "tie" is how I fasten my earplugs to my hardhat, and dress shoes is when I get to wear my steel toed boots that don't have the external metatarsal guards.:biglaugh: Honestly, I have a lot more respect for the condition the clothing is in (clean and well-kept) than how much it cost, and whether or not the wearer is willing to jump in and do what needs to be done without worrying about a $1500 dollar suit.

Interesting topic.


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You should have done a poll!

My vote is Perception. Get your Sunday Suit on son! :thedeal:


Authority Figure?


Nice tie history.:biglaugh: I've seen them with big mustard stains and dried beans on them.

SteelMaiden..Us and them? Barriers? Hmmmmm! I've noticed that. When I was "wearing", I was called Sir and Mr. When I wore my jeans and sneakers and visited a Supplier, they looked all around the reception area looking for the "Customer". When they saw just me, they looked beyond me to see if this "important" person may be hiding.

That's why I posted this topic. I've always have a problem with "suits". It's the PERSON in the suit that I'm talking to.

Sometimes the absence of a suit by one of the parties leads to an immediate assumption that the person sans the suit is somehow inferior and subject to some disdain!:ko:

Recently, my attire concerned a V.P. (sneakers and jeans) who was expecting a big potential customer. Being a team player, I drove the 22 miles home to fetch my big Jim Biz Horse Tie.. with the studded sequins on the horseshoe around his neck. Just kidding. The gentlemen showed up wearing jeans and sneakers. They were from a Powerplant Operation. So we all sat there spiffied up like clowns. The CEO apologized to the Customer for making everybody overdress. All this crap over clothes. It has nothing to do with what they wanted and what we were going to provide. It's just a shame that we have been conditioned to relate a tie and/or jacket to importance.

Steel, Dale Evans wore a tie!:biglaugh: :smokin:


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my thoughts

When I am visited by a sales rep or suppliers rep, image means a lot to me. If he/she took the time to put on a dress/suit & tie, I "feel" important to them. It is all part of an image to creat a relationship. That is how business is done. When a rep comes in with a t-shirt and jeans, well I know his/her priorities are NOT my needs. All about image, folks!


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Good subject Bill:

My vote is Level of dress matters in the area of - "Respect"

Not from the attitude that you want to get respect from a contact - but from the viewpoint of "if I go to the trouble to dress up for you" that means I do in fact have a certain amount of respect for who you are and your abilities.

The Red Power Tie & Blue Suit is the uppermost level of respect - a clean "Sport casual" attire in todays context Yes - I have a medium to high level amount of respect for the people I deal with. Shorts/ gymshoes/tee shirts with logo's all over them - I don't respect myself or anyone that I come in contact with.

(As a side note - My favorite "horse tie" is not a tie at all but a solid gold tie-tack that is in the shape of a horses behind (tail included) - small enough that a person really hasta look close to recognize what it is)


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Originally posted by CarolX
When a rep comes in with a t-shirt and jeans, well I know his/her priorities are NOT my needs. All about image, folks!

Hi Carol,

Customers wear what they want.:biglaugh: It only matters if you're in the Driver's seat. Would you think less of a Customer who poo poo'd wearing formal attire? Maybe so, but it wouldn't affect your doing business with THEM!:smokin:


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absolutely not


Remember, the customer is ALWAYS right (at least when you are face to face with them...LOL).

I think Jim summed up what I was trying to say...it is about respect.

Just my $.05 worth!!!



I guess so

Jim Carol (and the others). I do like the respect thing. Well put. Like Marc said, I'll just have to "Put on your Sunday Suit, Mutton Head!" (or something like that) :biglaugh:
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