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Laura M

1st impression

Ken K - maybe that's why you have a bag on your head? :rolleyes:

I"M KIDDING.....don't want to start any fights...but...

1st impressions are important. I agree with casual as appropriate to the business. But sloppy doesn't cut it - I don't care what business your in. Tuck it in, iron it, and for god sakes take a shower and comb your hair. Probably (hopefully) most of us here fit that criteria! And yes, in order to get to the next step of doing business, I think first impressions count.

And frankly, some of my "dress pants" are cheaper than my jeans!


Watch it, Michael

I thought we were tight;)


The very drift of the topic from ties, suits, casual dress to sloppy unwashed creatures with uncombed hair points to that thing mentioned before. Perception. To some, anyone who doesn't meet a person's view of proper attire can be viewed as all the above without a stitch of truth to it. You're still a sweetie!:agree: :smokin:

Michael T

Now Energy - whatever would make you think that I was referring to you? :rolleyes: :biglaugh: :ko:

You know what they say though... if the foo sh*ts... oops... that should be, shoe fits... :vfunny: :vfunny:

Is it Friday yet? :bonk:

Al Dyer


Since I would be generous in saying I could use a moustache (SP)
comb to do my hair, would to suggest Blue Coral or Turtle wax?:bigwave:

Heck, all I have to do is walk under a 60 watt bulb and my hair is styled!

Laura M

Right on Energy

You are right in taking it back to the original thread.

It is perception. But I've heard the saying that a person's perception is their reality. And the bottom line of what I was getting at was if a company institutes "business casual" then firm guidelines need to go with it. (Fashion police?):biglaugh:

As far as day to day work, then I agree that, if I'm "dressed" - I "feel" better about the work I'm doing. If you feel better about the work you are doing, then perhaps its better quality work. Is it like the Holiday Inn commercial - you "feel" smarter? It may not be true for everybody - it's a part of the 'dress for success' theory I guess - look and feel confident.

This of course only counts when your are interacting with people. Since I do alot of work at home, then a flannel nightgown and uncombed hair work for me!!!!! (No avitar for that one tho!)


Re: Right on Energy

Originally posted by Laura M
Since I do alot of work at home, then a flannel nightgown and uncombed hair work for me!!!!! (No avitar for that one tho!)

Oh but to be a fly on your wall.:eek: ;) :smokin:

Greg Maggard

This is my two cents worth. I came from the MFG floor, but as I moved up I wanted to be a better image for the Company as well as the Image to the Customer. There are areas that need image and areas that don't need as much image because they are not in the main stream of public relations.
Now saying that I have opened myself up to lots of opinions. How do you relay signals to the customers or suppliers even in house departments that you care and/or at least wanting to have some sense of organization. You only have 1 time to make first impression. (showmanship and presentation):p That's my take on the subject. We had a sales guy from the Chicago office come to the plant to meet the customer last week. The sales guy wore a WWF-T under a flannel shirt open and jeans complete with hole.:rolleyes: I was impressed and the customer expressed as well.

Jim Webb

Giving the proper impression goes beyond dress. I expect our Quality Office and Lab to be kept neat and clean. We are a manufacturing environment, when a Customer visits the impression I wish him to have is that of quality. Our tools of the trade and our work area should reflect quality. How many of you have visited a vendor to find the quality area lacking proper housekeeping? Often the quality coming from this type of environment is less than desirable.

Ken K


Considering you have never laid eyes on me, is your perception of me conceived by what I write or what I beleive?

The bag comes the closest to fitting my sense of humor...as most of you know.

I don't beleive I said anything about sloppy or uncombed, but about casual and over-kill as I like to call it.

If first impressions are that important to some of you then I feel your forming an opinion of someone before they even open their mouth and that's a mistake. I would be curious to test your judge of character by puting some people in a room and have you observe them and rate them on a scale of 1-10 as far as importance. Maybe that would cure the "perceived" importance of dress.

And I'm quite sure opinion's have been formed about some of us without even catching a glimpse of us. To add to that perception, I do my best work around midnight dressed in my underwear and pocket tee.

I'm sorry if I stepped on some toes, but a person's clothes don't rank very high on my list of life's important attributes.

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