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Originally posted by Ken K
I don't believe I said anything about sloppy...

My bag wearing friend:biglaugh: this is where "sloppy" originated in this thread:Personally, I'd rather do business with someone who is dressed sloppily that's a straight shooter
Yup, it was your post. You did not mentioned un-showered, matted or dirty hair or rotten and missing teeth!:biglaugh: :smokin:

Aaron Lupo

This is what I say. I prefer to dress in a suit and tie thats just me. When a client comes in to do an audit of our company and they are wearing a golf shirt and dockers it almost says to me they don't respect us (the company I work for) or for that matter the company they work for. When I audit our suppliers I wear a suit and tie to show respect to the people I am meeting with. If I see that it makes them un-comfortable I am not opposed to removing my tie and jacket, I would not be caught dead walking into a meeting with clients/suppliers with a golf shirt and dockers on, that to me shows no respect. As a matter of fact this is off the topic a bit, but I was talking to one of our suupliers today and when I get off the phone my office mate asked who I was talking to "The President of the United States", I was like why? "You were calling him sir", it just caught me off guard because that is how I talk to everyone, I see it as showing respect somthing I think many of us today have gotten away from doing. Maybe I am just old fashioned for my age (just over 30).

Greg Maggard

Discipline,Self-Discipline, or Shitsuke. All point towards appearance, communications and general personal neatness and cleanliness:p Same understanding or respectfully complying to.:ko:

Michael T

They're called manners...

Kudo's ISO Guy - keep it up!! You have a comodity that is disappearing at an alarming rate... manners, :D and I don't think age has anything to do with them. It is truly sad, but more and more people are forgetting the very basics, "Yes Sir/Ma'am, No Thank You, Please, You're Welcome, etc. (Sorry... I'm certainly not Miss Manners - but my mother sure beat them into me as a child.)

The reactions I get from people is astounding... for example, if I'm at a drive-thru (Burger King, Micky D's, etc.) or at a restaurant or at a grocery store and I say "please" and "thank you" to the person taking the order - they are almost dumbfounded that someone is actually polite to them. :confused:

I heard a couple of kids playing behind our house the other day. One little boy's mom called him and he said, "Yeah...." If I said, "Yeah" instead of "Yes Ma'am" or "Yes Sir" to my mom or dad (or any other adult within my parents hearing) I would have hell to pay.:eek: :eek: :eek:

Laura M

I said no fighting !!!

"Considering you have never laid eyes on me, is your perception of me conceived by what I write or what I beleive?

I'm not sure I have a perception of you, I just tend to see the humor in things, and when you said "Personally, I'd rather do business with someone who is dressed sloppily that's a straight shooter " and your avitar was a bag on your head, I chuckled. That was what the "roll eyes" sarcasm smilie was for.

If you go back to my first post, I said casual is OK as long as you're not sloppy (sorry, energy, it was me.) and backed it up with my experience when things went casual. I wasn't accusing anyone here of being unkempt but commenting on what I've seen in the business world that is INAPPROPRIATE. There is a line that shouldn't be crossed between business casual and "sloppy". That's all. :agree:


Hey, Was I unclear?

The thread started with dress code in the workplace. Not meeting the president, suppliers, customers, etc. I maintain that someone who wears a tie or jacket during the normal day to day to routine, without a specified dress code, thinks that they are above and beyond their co-workers. For a group of Quality Professionals, I am constantly amazed at the interpretation of a post. That's probably why there are problems with Auditor's interpretations. I like to go off on tangents once in awhile, but, I tend to back up and try to determine where I went astray. Take your suits, ties and reasons for dressing up and put them with your archived, obsolete procedures. How do you dress around your co-workers and why? It really is that simple!:agree: :smokin:

Al Dyer

Call me insane, but if my boss asked me to wear a dress would I have to shave my legs?

How far up?

Laura M

How about a poll?

Edit: Talk about bad timing.....a poll on energy's topic, not Al's legs!
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Al Dyer


Poll sounds good, and no, don't include my bony, hairy legs!

By the way, does a toga constitute a dress?:bigwave:

E Wall

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Energy did you expect this avalanche?

Just to chime in, everyone at our location is provided uniforms (gray/white striped shirt with gray pants). The only difference - Managers wear blue/white striped shirt with either tan or dk. blue slacks...

And even the managers put on old 'grays' if they're going to be out on the floor and only wear the 'blues' when company is expected. Recently we were told if we were working in the 'office' area only...we could wear street clothes but must change if needed in the plant.

Personally: I feel like i'm in prison garb in the grays and prefer to where street clothes in the office and my attitude changes with the clothes I wear. If I'm dressed in jeans...I'm more relaxed in my approach to work, say what I think and keep on going. If I'm dressed nice (business casual to dressy) I tend to stay calmer and more 'professional' (hehehe, for a hot-headed-loudmouth this is tough to admit! :p ).
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