Druck DPI 620 Advanced Modular Calibration System




I am looking in to the possible purchase of this druck and trying to figure out what instruments I can check with it besides pressure gages and thermocouples. I have looked at the brochure and the user manual but I am having trouble translating the specs into actual applications.
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It looks to my untrained eye like it is designed for an industrial context where there are a variety of pressure and temperature related transmitters. I don't work in that type environment, so I don't have the best advice. But it looks like places like oil refineries, maybe some pharmaceutical type places with a lot of temp and pressure, etc. would have a lot of use.

As for in a general cal lab, looks like it would be useful for a variety of industrial pressure gages, RTD simulators/transmitters, various types of transmitters, etc.

Thats my two cents. Probably others with those type backgrounds could give better answers.
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