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Due Care & Safety


tim banic

Just a bit of a definition (little more clarity on what they are exactly looking for).

Have an idea, but would like to know for sure. Are they looking for the safety of the product for the consumer, the customer & for our staff while making it?

Thanks folks

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Captain Nice
Staff member
Your product should not have sharp edges so GM assemblers do not cut themselves as they handle and install your product. Your tires shall be designed so the tread doesn't fly off. It can be argued this includes addressing issues in your production processes and facility as well.

Yup - all 3.

J Kay

When I attended the rollout meeting for the 3rd edition held by the QS-9000 Task Force back in 1998 I made this note in my workbook.
"How line operators job effects overall product safety". The way I understood it was, that suppliers employees should know if something is not done correctly at the supplier how that will or could effect product safety down the chain.

Alan Cotterell

There is often a relationship between workplace health and safety, and product safety. For example if a designer calls up a process involving a hazardous substance on a drawing, it will be used in the workplace and also have an effect on the product.
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