DVP&R Design Validation Plan and Report - A Ford, GM and Chrysler thing


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Design Verification Plan and Report. It is a Ford and Chrysler thing. It is found in Section 2 of the APQP manual. If you are design responsible, there must be a plan to verify the design of the product through a sequence of testing, verifying functionality, durability, reliability, who will test, list of results, status for Design Review activity. It also ties with the DFM / DFA - Design For Assembly, and Design For Manufacturing, and the Dynamic Control Plan. Ford has a very large manual on APQP, with in-depth instructions regarding all of APQP, including all the forms and checklists necessary. The DVP&R form is in there. We are not design responsible, so I only remember a little about all this. I can't even tell you the name of the Ford APQP manual; it has been a few years since I reviewed one. Perhaps ask the STE/STA/SQA for one.


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Can i get the supplier componenet standard development timings and DVP&R timings? Please...

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