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Dynamic Control Plan Draft - need review


We are starting to work on creating Dynamic Control Plans for our current state processes. I have attached a piece of one which is for a process family. We would love some harsh yet helpful critique. We lack a bit of experience in this category.

We have looked around but have not seen many actual examples of a Dynamic Control Plan. Only PFMEAs or Control Plans separate from one another.

Note: Using a 1-5 scale with a color rating. This is a manual final assembly process.

Questions: for a DCP when working on current state, if you identify a current control in the FMEA portion, should it also be reflected in the Control Plan portion of the document?



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Unfortunately I have never been able to get my hands on the DCP manual.

-But having a quick look at the pfmea side of it, you have done well at having multiple causes for a given failure mode, and conducting an analysis of each cause individually.

-The reaction plan part, it is deemed better to have a reaction plan, e.g. RP #101, and invoke it as applicable. This suggestion comes from an automotive OEM workshop which stated that reaction plans should:

* Protect the customer by isolating and containing the suspect product throughout the supply chain.
* Contain back to the last verified conforming product or beyond. (Depending on the failure rate, the sample size and frequency, the last verified check may not be enough).
* Describe the escalation procedure within the supplier manufacturing facility.
* Describe the customer notification procedure, if/when appropriate.
Obviously you cannot fit this in the small space available, but you would refer to a document.

-Did you decide not to pursue failure modes related to wrong component types? (correct power supply, mainboard,...if applicable)

-Traceability is not an issue for your customer/process?
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Just read through the Ford 1997 DCP manual. The DCP manual never ever merged a PFMEA with a PCP.

Does anyone know if there is a newer edition of the DCP manual other than the 1997? Are Dynamic Control Planning and Dynamic Control Plan two seemingly identical terms with actually two different meanings?

The main point I take from the DCP manual is a methodology of collaborative effort in linking product to process characteristic and developing process knowledge to build good control plans and reduce the amount of controls.

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