E-learning take 2... Is anyone currently, or in the past, tried E-Learning?

In March Atul asked us if and to what extent we used E-learning. At the time it was not too common. However, when it comes to computers things change fast. Since then we have started to use it, even though it's still in its infancy.

How we do it? Using simple forms on the intranet (Nothing flashy). We recieve the replies via mail.
The results? So far very encouraging. We really do get replies. :eek:
What subjects have we covered in this way? So far we have used it only to train auditors in ISO9001:2000.

How about the rest of you? Are you doing something similar?

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Atul Khandekar

Thanx for reviving the issue. I am still keen to find what are peoples' views on this.
- Atul

Joe Cruse

We've not done much with this, related specifically to the QMS yet, other than training on the software system for our QMS. But in the lab, I've picked up 2 or 3 computer -based programs for our analysts that seem to do well. One was a safety theme (radation), and the other two were from spectrometer manufacturers (basics of the spectrometer/foundation and principles behind the instrument). Each course allowed the user to progress at theirown rate, and each had tests to be taken along the way. I turned these into "Quality Talks", and made them part of their training on file. I'm still looking for more, and would like to find an internal auditor course like this.


Craig H.

Don't know if this is totally on topic, but I took my master's online. Visited campus only twice-once each of the last 2 quarters.

This type of learning has its advantages. Being anywhere in the world and doing much of the work anytime you like are 2. There were subjects that were difficult for me, however, and I think that the method of instruction had something to do with it. The more advanced statistics/acceptance sampling class in particular was difficult, likely because there is something about seeing a problem worked through on a blackboard that was missing.

We still don't have E-Learning at work, but I can see a day when it might come.

By the way, a good text on design in general that touches on E-Learning is "The Systematic Design of Instruction" by Dick & Carey.
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Bill Ryan - 2007

We have implemented a visual standards training program on our "Intranet" for all new hires. It appears to work very well and indoctrinates the newly hired into the jargon, as well as views, of die casting/trimming/machining visual nonconformances.

At home I have taken a few courses on-line and when (not if) I satisfactorally complete the course, I can get reimbursed at work (if the topic is "job related"). I've been very happy with the courses I have taken.

Just my two cents (or pence?)



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Check this out. I haven't done it myself, but it may be the real deal.

Online Class: Essentials of Auditing Management Systems - Auditing Process

This course, the first in the BSI CEEM e-library, covers the essential skills to conduct a management system audit. The interactive approach utilized reinforces the basic auditor skills of planning, note taking, report writing and audit closure. In, addition, interactive testing at the end of the course will confirm your understanding of the material. The auditing of a process-based system will be emphasized.
A basic understanding of management systems.

Topics covered

Background of auditing
Record keeping and note taking
Who should attend
Management and employees involved with the implementation of a management system, anyone who needs to enhance their basic knowledge base, or someone that just needs a refresher.

Course Timing
Approximately three hours to complete.

System Requirements
An internet connection with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later or Netscape 5 or later.

Price: $125.00

Craig H.


THANKS for the info on the classes. With travel budgets tight, I have been looking for a way to train our auditors that would have a chance of getting approved. This just might be the ticket.

Joe Cruse

Thank you Randy. I'm going to check it out. We have 2-3 people we have trained for internal audits "in-house", but I'd love to get them some additional training, and our registrar's classes are off site and pricey. This might help a lot.


Atul Khandekar


Does anyone have any experience with ASQ e-Learning center?


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Atul Khandekar said:
Does anyone have any experience with ASQ e-Learning center?
Good question - Now, 2 years or so later, anyone have any experience with the ASQ's e-Learning center?
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