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The following is from a Round Robin e-mail of Bob Hausers':

I was never a Chief, but Jerry Hudson was. I recently reconnected with Jerry through this site. He just started an all-night radio talk show syndicated out of Seattle - aspiring to match Art Bell and Paul Harvey. (He's actually pretty good!) He comes on at 2:00 AM in Salt Lake City (where I live) and the show is "America Live." If you tell him that you're listening in advance, he'll slip Camp Tosebo into the night's program!

I think, when I get time, that we can get "Termite" or his brother, Joel, involved with us.

The site was set up thanks to Marc Smith, who was there one year (1960.) He's done an excellant job, and will allow you access to the "Tosebo Forum" if you E-Mail him. Somehow, he gave me (hardly computer literate) access, and I scanned my, and my older brother's, pictures, which he transfered to the main page.

It is surprising how positively influenced we all were by the Camp.

Look over the picture that I submitted, and fill in the missing names (and correct my mistakes!)

- Bob "Running Deer" Hausser 1956-1958

(On my recent trip down the "Wild and Scenic" Lewis and Clark section of the Missouri River, my son informed me that "Sacagawea" is Blackfoot for, "Hey, Bitch!")(Perhaps that was Doris's given name?)

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Dear Bob,

Glad to hear from you and I do recognize your "mug" from a picture of you standing with Ross Taylor and others at the entrance. I chummed around quite a bit with Jim Larson and John Schneider. I bunked with them and "Termite." Also, I have good memories of Steve Buckingham, Jerry Hudson, the Kelmensons, Dick Isom and Billy Farnham.

Is there a specific site for one to post his memories of camp? I seem to remember a site where there were such postings--perhaps it was connected w/ the now defunct Old Camp Tosebo Inn site.

Congratulations on making Chief! :) Wasn't Jerry Hudson a chief one year?

Doc Campbell
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Subject: Ho! For Toseboland


Although I don't remember much about you, even though our time at Tosebo was close to identical, I can now pick you out of the pictures, and am certain that we did things together.

Your name has been mentioned so many times by others at the site, and I hope you will share your fading memories with the rest of us.

- Bob "Running Deer" Hausser (I seem to be the only one who never made "Chief!")
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