ECN (Engineering Change Notice) / ECO (Engineering Change Order) System


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Hi Everyone,
I am a new from this site. I was delighted and happy that there is a place like this wherein I could ask questions then in return I can also make a comment.
So far I'm working on the Documentation of our Document control procedure, revising and pull-out things that were not applicable on our system. I'm having a problem in documenting an ECN that shall be incorporated in our current Document Control System.
It starts with this: Whenever we made changes in our document/drawings/setup-sheets, we make use of the ECN (Engineering Change Notice)...we have an effectivity date reflected on the ECN...however when we generate the standard operating procedure for a document control there is another date reflects to it.
My concern(s):
1. Are we going to have the effectivity date equal to the effectivity date on the generated specs? (Note that we have in our current specs is five days allowance for effectivity date) Please advice.
2. I'm also having a problem how am I gonna change the format?
3. How am i gonna show the effectiveness of our Documentation System?
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Al Dyer

You posted:

"ECN...however when we generate the standard operating procedure for a document control there is another date reflects to it".

Do your standard operating procedures list the related documents?

I don't know your system, but we make note of the document to be used in the operating procedure but do not list the effective date of the document. Therefore when we use a level III document (form) and fill it in with the required information it is now a level IV document (evidence) that is stored under 4.16 Record Retention.

There is no need to change a document revision level on a form that is stored for evidence.

As an example:

We have a generic in-process inspection form qs-111 that is not specific to any part. When a product needs to be inspected the form is pulled from the document database and completed by the inspector.

The completed form is stored without issuing a new revision level. It is merely evidence that that we did what we said we would do.

The original form is still at the current revision level.

Now, if we re-design the level III inspection form it goes through a document approval process and is issued a new revision level.

Sorry for being long winded, but document control systems need to be designed to work within the scopes of specific company structures. I don't think that one system is better than another as long as people understand the process and it is effective within the given situation.

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