Effect of ISO900:2000 to QS9000



Will Task Force revise the QS requirements to match with ISO9000:2000? If yes, when? Do anyone get the idea about this?
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Roger Eastin

I have heard it both ways: at first, I heard that QS9K would change to match the ISO9000: 2000 format, then I heard that QS would not be changed. Since you don't have to change your quality documentation format to accomodate the 2000 version, I doubt that QS will change (IMHO). Also, I'm one of those who thinks that there will be less emphasis on QS in the future (as TS16949 replaces it).

Elberth Ardila Tabera

Hi Roger!
I Have heard TS16949 will replace QS9K, i´m confuse, TS16949 is like ISO 9000:2000? same level?, Is a Technical Standar or Tech. support, or is it a complement or attach of ISO 9000? Thanks for your helping me.


Roger Eastin

The latest information from the Big 3 is that you will have a choice between QS9K and ISO16949. You (ie, your organization) will have to determine which standard makes the best business sense for you to follow. I think there are still some questions about the registration scheme and about the Customer-specific requirements at the moment (for ISO16949), but that should clear up soon. ISO16949 is based on ISO9000:1994 (for now) and is meant to be an automotive "appendix" to ISO9000. So when ISO9000:1994 changes to ISO9000:2000, so will ISO16949 change to conform with ISO9000:2000 version. By the way, you can get a copy of ISO16949 from ASQ or AIAG. (The last that I heard, though, is that still comes without any customer-specific requirements.)

Christian Lupo

The B3 has no plans to revise the third edition of QS-9000 in order to align it with ISO-9000:2000. In fact they bought the rights to ISO-9001:1994 so that they can keep on using the text verbatim. This is more evidence to suggest that QS will eventually become obsolete as more emphasis is placed on TS.

Furthermore TS is being revised early in 2000 to align it with ISO-9000:2000. A draft version of the "new" TS standard should be completed by 7/2000. "Why didnt they just wait to release TS, when ISO-9000:2000 was going to be released?" The B3 felt there was value in releasing the TS standard as it currently exists.

Dag Spee

Hello Everyone,

I am a Dutch Master of Science student in Construction Management, and have already worked for a Dutch contractor that was ISO 9002 certified for a year. At the moment, I'm starting my dissertation at the South Bank University in London. The topic I'm interested in is the effect of the new ISO 9000/2000 norms on companies that are already ISO 9000 certified. Also I want to investigate why the decission was made to introduce ISO 9000/2000. Maybe some of you canhelp me find some research material?

Thanks in advance for your troubles,

Dag Spee.
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