Effectiveness of corrective actions - The word 'effective' dropped?



The DIS version of ISO9001 has dropped the word "effective" from the Correctve and Preventive action system. It nows requires "reviewing of corrective or preventive action taken".
Whilst the intent is still to ensure the action was effective in eliminating the cause, I have already had clients looking for it to be spelt out in black & white.
In my search for something concrete, the closest I can find is in Management review, reviewing the QMS for effectiveness, where corrective and preventive actions are now specified inputs, and 8.5.1 (planning for continuous improvement) where "improvement", using sources including corrective and preventive action, suggest or implies effectiveness.
Does anyone have any further examples?

Mark G.


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Any comments on this Oldie I dug up? This was to the DIS. What about in the released ISO 9000:2000 version?

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All I can really contribute here is: Corrective Action is a process. . and a required one in both ISO and TS2. Each process must be audited for effectiveness.

Douglas E. Purdy

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c) Ensure Nonconformities do not recur

I thought that we had already discussed that 8.5.2.c) and 8.5.3 b) basically cover the idea of effectiveness in that "nonconformities do not recur" or "prevent occurrence of nonconformities?"

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