EFQM Business Excellence Model vs. The Malcolm Baldrige Award



I ve just started in a division where we have compliance quality to ISO9000. For quality that adds operational value, I want to move towards a business excellence model.

I m familiar with the EFQM Business Excellence Model but might I be better off going for Baldridge? Is there more information and help available to support Baldridge? Is it a better model?

What are your thoughts and comments?



David Mullins

We in Oz also have had a business excellence model for some time. They are very similar to Baldrige (infact the aussie version preceded the Yan...sorry Americans). At the end of the day, they are just a means for establishing strategic plans based on specific topics, and following through on performance and outcome measures, including customer feedback.

There are many other models to choose from, like the balanced score card. At the end of the day, they all require a fair bit of application from management and resources to perform self evaluations, etc. Definitely not to be taken lightly, as this is a very advanced step from 9001. It could also be said that these models also represent basic sound management practice - not rocket science.


Thanks Aussie Bloke (from an ex Port Moresby, PNG bloke)

The ISO9000 system we have at the moment adds little that's recognisable as giving operational value - so moving to a strategic excellence model is what we have to do. I'll stick with the BEM as that's what I'm familar with.


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